Vows Monastic Branches


It is the renunciation of human pleasures and passions so as to find the Infinite Love of God. 
It brings purity, which is the condition for the birth of the inner Christ.


It is the renunciation of personal will so as to respond to the Will of God. 
In order to respond to this Higher Will, it is necessary to correspond to the Law of the Hierarchy.
It is the central pillar of monastic life. The root of evil is disobedience.


To always be available for everything that is requested,
perceiving the opportunity that the universe offers us to learn how to give of ourselves.
The soul is realized by means of service.


To learn how to live only with that which is necessary, without excesses or unnecessary lacks.
Its practice collaborates to balance the abuses that humanity perpetuates. 


To get detached from material goods, emotional ties and personal ideas so as to reach the freedom of the spirit.  


To seek living the renunciation of every type of recognition, gratification and choice.
To be meek in the way of acting and always place others first. 
To be nothing in order to be filled with the All. 


To seek inner quietude, where the voice of the soul can be heard. 
It is an inner state in which lies the Truth.
As you deepen into it, the true being emerges. 


Vow | Civilian Branches


Through prayer, allow the attributes of Mercy to be manifested:
strength, firmness, unity, love, material and spiritual integration, and the spirit of service.


To love and propagate Divine Mercy in the world,
as a source of reparation and healing for souls that are agonizing and suffering.

Unconditional Service

To love service, forgetting oneself in order to fulfill, in body and soul,
the part in the Work of God that corresponds to each one.


To adore the Eucharistic Body of Christ through the contemplation
of the Blessed Sacrament safeguarded in the Monstrance.