Since His Ascension, Christ has been present in the sacraments, which are a source of life and renewal for all. Through sacraments, Christ grants renewal, healing, transmutation and liberation. 

In March 2015, Our Lord consecrated the first priests of the Grace Mercy Order, instituting one more Branch in the Order: the Brothers in Christ. In the following years, other monks were ordained priests. 

At the request of Christ Jesus and under His authority, the priests of the congregation minister the Eucharist as well as the sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Anointment and Foot Washing.

By means of the instructions left by Christ Jesus in the gospels and the teachings currently transmitted by Him through the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, the priests of the Grace Mercy Order are impelled to imitate the inner priesthood of the Master with the purpose that the graces poured out through the experience of the mystery may reinforce the foundations of spiritual life. Through sacraments, hearts approach His Sacred Heart and are renewed by the Love and Unity of God to find the true path for this life.



The baptism is realized in the name of the Most Holy Trinity and, in this way, renewed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, souls begin a new life, clean and purified by the unfathomable strength of Our Lord’s Love. 

The inner dignity of being children of God is recovered because the faults are washed away by Divine Mercy. 


The Eucharist

The Eucharist, Communion that is given to souls just as God grants Life. The bread and the wine transubstantiated into the Body and the Blood of Christ are filled with the Spirit of Life, with the Divinity, Love and Unity of Christ Jesus. The sacred Eucharist allows us to enter in communion with the Heights through Christ.

The Eucharist is the complete and perfect Heart of Christ, where the mysteries of Creation and the essence of God’s Love are kept; a Love that made itself small but contains all things within, and that was multiplied so that life would be completely renewed. 

The Eucharist is the revealed Presence of the Most High. There lies the One Who is God, His Mysteries, His Love and His Hope. 


Reconciliation (The Sacred Confession)

By the trust of souls in the unfathomable power of Mercy, their faults are forgiven. By emptying and surrendering at the foot of the Cross of the Redeemer, souls receive the impulse to rise from the ground with their faith renewed by the Love that understands and forgives everything.



The sacred oil unites beings with their souls.

By means of the sacred anointment, spiritual scars and wounds are dissolved by the Merciful Love of Christ. The sacred oil has the power of restoration, and it brings the principle of the healing of a sick body and soul simply with the Sign of the Cross.


Foot Washing

A visible sign of Grace for those who find the existence of love and life in the humility of the Lord, Christ Jesus. 

Foot washing grants the Grace of purification so that the most impure stains may be removed, paths may be purified, and thus, the impulse to ascension, to the surrender to God’s Love, may be found.