Irdin Publishing

Irdin is a publishing house that has the purpose of propagating works of a philosophical-spiritual nature in these times of global transformations and great need for inner search. They are teachings that offer keys for recognizing the immaterial laws that govern the universe where we live and that sustain the Earth. Teachings that  invite us to expand our consciousnesses, unravel the mysteries of our planet's history, realize its purposes and enter paths of peace.

Irdin is a non-profit publishing house run by volunteer collaborators, including monastics of the Grace Mercy Order. 

Among the works of various authors that Irdin has published, stand out the ones by Trigueirinho, Mother María Shimani de Montserrat and Friar Luciano, Instructors of the Order. 

In addition to books in Portuguese, Spanish, English and other languages, the current collection of Irdin comprises more than 3,000 talks that have been recorded live as well as music albuns. 

You can follow live or recorded public talks by Friar Luciano and Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, as well as interviews and other types of audiovisual content, through our YouTube channel: Irdin Editora.


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