What do we believe in?

1.We believe that the One, Divine and Creative Principle brings Divine Grace to humanity from the Source of Creation.

2. We believe that the Highest Source is the One Consciousness of God. 

3. We believe that the Divine Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - is revealed as the One Principle of Creation, Existence and Universality. 

4. We believe that the Father, Infinite Source, conceives the Love of Christ within souls. 

5. We believe that the Son, in His sublime love, wisdom and compassion, redeems our hearts so that we may find His Sacred Heart. 

6. We believe that the Holy Spirit divinizes our consciousnesses so that, in unity with the Infinite Father, we may act as instruments of His Will. 

7. We believe that, from the Holy Spirit, a ray of light and divine consciousness can descend upon each soul. 

8. We believe that, under the blessings and intercession of the Virgin Mary, humanity can unify its highest aspirations towards Peace.  

9. We believe that, through Her Maternity, the Most Holy Mother of God places us into the Heart of the Holy Spirit and thus human beings can feel the call to a Higher Life. 

10. We believe that the Love of Christ calls us to be instruments and elevates us as souls in eternal service to God. 

11. We believe that as servers of the Light of Christ, we can respond to the call to Consecration to Universal Love.

12. We believe that Divine Grace can permeate the consciousnesses of human beings and redeem them by means of Mercy. 

13. We believe that, in these times, Mercy is offered to humanity in a special way. 

14. We believe that, in the Divine Spirit, humanity can receive the liberation of its errors so that redemption and peace may be established.

15. We believe that we are forgiven and loved by the Omnipotent Consciousness of God. 

16. We believe that humanity can request the intercession of the consciousnesses of Angels and Archangels, which represent Divine Purpose.

17. We believe that the Love of God truly transforms us, converting us into instruments of Divine Grace on Earth. 

18. We believe that, united to the Spirit of Love, we can assist so that each creature may find their path of return to the Heart of God.

19. We believe in the healing and transforming power of prayer.

20. We believe that prayer can purify hearts and elevate minds of human beings.

21. We believe that the Almighty God can communicate with the small consciousnesses of human beings by means of the true apparitions of the Divine Messengers—Christ, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph—as well as by means of sages, saints and prophets.

22. We believe that Peace is a primordial attribute for these times and that it is brought as a Celestial Grace by the Most Holy Mother of God, the Virgin Mary. 

23. We believe that true transformations in human society occur from inner transformations in the consciousness of human beings. 

24. We believe that only through Peace and Divine Mercy we will be capable of transcending our current state of life. 

25. We believe that all beings can live in brotherhood to glorify the One Who created them, loves them and gives them Eternity. 

26. We believe that the message of Christ is supposed to be lived in our daily lives, finding it and communing with it through service to the neighbor.

27. We believe that harmonious integration and unity among all human beings can awaken in humanity.

28. We believe that all beings of all Kingdoms of Nature—Mineral, Plant, Animal and Human—are expressions of the Consciousness of God and, as such, they must be respected and dignified.

29. We believe that fraternal life can be lived in community through the commandments. 

30. We believe that, according to Divine Law, we must give freely that which we receive freely.

31. We believe that, united to the One Spirit of God, we can live on Divine Providence, totally consecrating ourselves to His Work and manifestation on Earth. 

32. We believe that the Law of Divine Justice will descend to Earth after the cycle of Divine Mercy. 

33. We believe in the Return of Christ and in the awakening of the Christs in this end of times as the Apocalypse announces.