Monastery Attributes

The tasks and attributes of the Monastery are our guiding stars. They illuminate our paths, reveal the steps we are to take, and guide us in the task of making life sacred.

We know that, beginning with our own transformation, we can help in the transformation of everything around us and that example speaks louder than words. In this way, in the silence of our beings, we seek to see the essence within all things, and to do now that which many put off for the future.

To be a member of the Monastery means to allow inner truth to permeate us. It means to live the laws expressed by seven groups of tasks and attributes. It means to aspire to a life guided by higher purposes and to want to be that which in essence we really are. It means to allow ourselves to be lived by the infinite spirit that gives life to everything. 


  1. Like a seed, not only break through your own shell, but also penetrate the soil.
  2. Express the Will, even during phases of transition.
  3. Expand limits and pull out the rocks that do not level out on their own.
  4. Perpetually give reverence.
  5. In simplicity, reach the Essence.
  6. Recognize the impulse that leads to Reality.
  7. Before anything, seek the Source of Life and let the Regent coordinate your being.
  8. Build the foundations, raise the walls and then hand over the New Dwelling.
  9. Work and live in solitude, having your own inner world as your only source of impulse.
  10. Neither punish yourself nor give in to self-pity or self-complacency.
  11. Be at the right place and collaborate with the Hierarchies.
  12. Have the Eternal as the only Truth.
  1. Awaken to the Universe that your own inner world holds.
  2. Cross the Portals of the Great Temple.
  3. Before the flame of the Spirit, be in the dwelling of the pure.
  4. Preserve the cosmic impulses for elevation.
  5. Be totally willing to be transformed.
  6. Perceive the Great Consciousness.
  7. Let the Great Encounter leave its imprint on you.
  8. Express ceremonial order and rhythm in an ever more impersonal way.
  9. Discover liberation in the obedient fulfillment of each stage.
  10. Never retrogress.
  11. Be the bearer of immaterial reality.
  12. After having been blessed, give blessings.
  1. Dig down until you reach the Source.
  2. With firm decision, go straight to your Destiny.
  3. Courageously delve into the mystery of the trajectory.
  4. Learn the language of the stars.
  5. Never let the sun go down in your own heart.
  6. Perceive yourself as part of the Infinite.
  7. Have the essence of the most distant stars as your only companion.
  8. Forget the path.
  9. Keep the temperament that leads to perfection.
  10. Do not notice when your feet no longer touch the ground.
  11. Recognize when Sirius sends Them, Those who were there in the beginning.
  12. Without a name, without a home, be true in the eyes of the Great Conclave.
  1. Build routes for those who are to transcend earthly life.
  2. Through unconditional service, vivify the inner nuclei of those who suffer.
  3. Awaken inner magnetism.
  4. Transform yourself into a channel of spiritual impulses.
  5. Surrender to an "enrapturing love," to a "holy madness."
  6. Do not count on human understanding, neither in yourself nor in your fellow beings.
  7. Help in the expression of the universes and impassively observe the creation and destruction of forms.
  8. Be a source of assistance for the Rescue Plan.
  9. Collaborate in the redemption of planetary life.
  10. Bear the powerful currents that come to the aid of humanity.
  11. Assume the energies of the primordial centers.
  12. Observe the unfolding of your own existence.
  1. Conduct yourself strictly on the path of Truth.
  2. Order life based on your inner essence.
  3. Attune to the perfection that exists in the core of each being.
  4. Work in secret.
  5. Serve in secret.
  6. Live in secret.
  7. Become the healer of your own being.
  8. Follow impeccable precision.
  9. Offer yourself up to pure equilibrium.
  10. Renounce intervening in the evolution of others.
  11. Transcend the action of material karma.
  12. Have sublime neutrality as a permanent practice.
  1. Call the sheep by name and lead them to pasture.
  2. Say only what is necessary.
  3. Consider bodies to be living temples.
  4. Be wary of consolation; love what is laborious.
  5. Prefer to be forgotten than to be tempted.
  6. Among riches, do not set your heart on them.
  7. Do not be unfaithful in little things so as not to be unfaithful in great things.
  8. Pray and never fail.
  9. Have in mind that even when you give away your belongings, when you prophesy, when you have faith, if you do not have charity, you will be doing nothing.
  10. Be exactly that which you preach.
  11. Be a voice in the desert.
  12. Tirelessly be and do the best until the end.
  1. Have no home. Have a resting place but no dwelling.
  2. Plunge into life itself but remain unnoticed in daily life.
  3. Beautify your presence but without extending it.
  4. Be compassionate but do not deplore.
  5. Defend but do so impassively without gestures.
  6. Assert but without becoming misled and without becoming involved.
  7. Warn but do not delay.
  8. Strike if necessary but do not injure.
  9. Ponder but without showing weakness.
  10. Give dedicated care but without disturbing.
  11. Fear nothing but be prudent.
  12. Consciously allow the Spirit to grow.

Dedicated to all those who aspire to a higher existence and to all those who shall one day aspire to it.