Campaign for Peace

In 2015, through the visionaries of the Grace Mercy Order, the Virgin Mary invited us to carry out a campaign for the concretion of Her Mission of Peace throughout the planet. She called it the Campaign for Peace. There are many paths to learn about peace and love for all forms of life and, by means of the initiatives of the campaign, we can go through them.


The Pilgrimage for Peace

With the purpose of bringing peace, light and the instruction of the Divine Messengers to all peoples and cultures, the Pilgrimage for Peace travels through various countries of the world promoting ecumenical meetings of prayer and music.


Planetary Prayer Network

Prayer is one of the ways to find inner peace. It is an instrument to achieve union with God and all of Creation.


Youth Campaign for Peace

A movement created to welcome all young people and sow seeds of spiritual life within their hearts. The Youth Festival for Peace is one of its main initiatives and it offers the youth the opportunity to share moments of prayer and express beauty through music and other forms of art with the goal of uniting all to radiate peace to the world.


Service to the Kingdoms of Nature

Before the current situation that the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms are experiencing, the Campaign for Peace encourages prayer and service to these brother Kingdoms as ways of alleviating the suffering that humanity causes them day by day. Through the giving of self of human beings to the Kingdoms of Nature, it is possible to cultivate love and respect for all creatures.


Sowing Love in Humanity Campaign

Only Love can heal pain!

"Go without fear, forgive, reconcile with your neighbor, serve and love for the salvation of your brothers and sisters in the whole world."
The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Just as Our Lady instructs us about the power of prayer and the importance of living peace, Saint Joseph, the Worker of God, encourages us to carry out the Sowing Love in Humanity Campaign to live the experience of love and forgiveness. He also summons us to altruistic service and charity for the formation of a great fraternity and solidarity network.